A Wing and a Prayer: Restoring the Sacred Hoop in the Seventh Generation

We are delighted to announce that we are in post-production of our latest documentary film entitled “A Wing and a Prayer: .”

This film highlights the amazing journey of

This film features spiritual leader Ricky Gray Grass and his Tiospaye (extended family) as they

Ricky was extremely helpful during the production of Holy Man.

The 500 Mile Sacred Hoop Prayer Run
Documented this beautiful event
We spent 6 days following the runners on their 500 mile journey around the Black Hills that tookthem to sacred sites in South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana. In addition to documenting the Run, they held interviews with participants and leaders who shared their insights into the ongoing epidemic of teen suicide and the challenges youth face on the reservation. What the Run and the interviews confirmed was that the spiritual and cultural traditions of the Lakota people contain the wisdom needed to solve the incredible challenges that the modern-day Lakota face. All they need is the support and the opportunity.